Mysterious true story behind Channel 4 documentary Murder in the Car Park

In 1987, Daniel Morgan was found in a car park with an axe embedded in his skull - his murder has never been solved.

Hot on the heels of Murder in the Outback, new Channel 4 documentary Murder in the Car Park is shining the light on another high profile case – this time the unsolved murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan.

In 1987, Morgan was killed in a brutal axe attack in a South London pub car park, three years after he set up his own detective agency. Many believe he was murdered because he was on the verge of exposing police corruption, but it was never confirmed.

With no witnesses and the subsequent collapse of numerous investigations, no one has ever been convicted of the vicious slaying.

In this three-part documentary, Channel 4 take a deep dive into one of the most investigated unsolved murders in the history of the Metropolitan Police.

Original article published by RadioTimes