Kellie plays Stacey aka Tracy Beaker's Mum in Jacqueline Wilson's The Dare Game - the new Tracy Beaker podcast on BBC Sounds

Tracy Beaker is loud, fiery and somehow always in trouble. Having grown up in care, Tracy hates soppy fairy stories but secretly she longs for her own happily ever after.

Tracy Beaker spends the weekend with her mum and friendships are put to the test when the dare game is taken to a whole new level.

The Tracy Beaker Podcast is based on 'The Story of Tracy Beaker' by Jacqueline Wilson.

  • Adaptation – Sarah McDonald Hughes

  • Tracy – Macy-Blossom Tench

  • Football – Albie Atkinson

  • Alexander – Jairaj Varsani

  • Cam – Lyndsey Marshal

  • Carly – Kellie Shirley

Listen to episode 8 of the The Tracy Beaker Podcast on BBC Sounds with Kellie Shirley.

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